Going Public with Your Reasoning

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Week One
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Topic : Going Public with your Reasoning

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Going Public With Your Reasoning
Question 1: Think of a topic or issue or situation that you find very upsetting or frustrating. Do a little “ranting” on that issue. That is, write some very strong and emotional statements about this issue or situation. You might begin with “One thing that makes me furious is __________.” Try to write four or five sentences.

One thing which makes me furious is the amount of double standards that you have to see nowadays. Originality has become a rare
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And donation made by large institutions are often intended to save tax. Even the cigarette companies, labelling how harmful they are to us, while marketing their product globally, are they not being double standard? Are they really helping people, and the environment, regardless of whatever development campaign they follow? Double standard has itself become quite a problematic aspect to live with on this Earth compared to any other. Originality has lost its power.
Question 2: Now imagine that you need to “go public” with your feelings and opinions and convince someone else to share at least some of the intensity you feel about this issue. Is there anything in your ranting that you might convert into an argument, a line of reasoning that another person might find legitimate?

Read and discuss your sentences with a classmate. Talk about why you feel that some of your statements are not good raw material for public reasoning but others might be.

I would now like to make this feelings toward double standards public. It will be a lot difficult to have it expressed via someone else now because the other person may have a different opinion about the matters, which were purely my feelings about this matter.

One may argue about the fact that people have grown to have a double standard because they have been faced with the harsh reality of
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