Going Through Changes Analysis

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Music has been an important part of my life. Music has been my best friend in ups and downs of my life and to get me where I am currently in life. Music has helped me control my anger issues. One song, which has helped me stabilize is Marshall Mather’s aka Eminem’s “Going through changes” which was released in June 2010. That song is important to me, because I would listen to that song whether I would be angry or content.
Back in the day, when I was in elementary school, I would see myself as little chubby rage monster. I did not like that a teacher or my parents would force me do things that I did not want to do. I would get upset and sometimes I would be the monster trying to throw things at my parents and break glass around the house with
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Ellison writes that, “In doing so, it gives significance to all those indefinable aspects of experience which nevertheless help to make us what we are”. Ellison means that music has helped him become a better person. He also says that living life to the fullest will give you the experience you need. When Ellison was a kid he would keep on practicing with his trumpet, even though he was bad at it. Ellison writes that, “And I’d draw in my breath and do Miss Cox great violence”. Ellison had no natural talent like some people do when playing an instrument which made them special, so he would practice for hours, thinking he was the next Duke Ellington.
To conclude, the song “Going through changes” by Marshall Mathers aka Eminem has helped me steer my life into right directions. It has helped me control my temper, which has led to more common life which involves less throwing or breaking items in my house. Just as music has helped me immensely, it has also helped Ralph Ellison fin his love for music again, which he lost when he grew up. The song by Eminem, is a perfect song for others who are struggling with their life just as I did. Music can help people in many ways which they might not even know
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