Going To College Is Worth It Essay

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College is worth it Attending or not attending college is a difficult decision every student must make. Student will benefit greatly from attending college. Going to college is worth it because of better job opportunities, a better education, and a better life afterwards Going to college is worth it because of better job opportunities. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor, 2015 stated that individuals who have earned a doctoral degree have a 1.7% of unemployment. Going to college and earning a degree decreases the chance of unemployment. The United States Department of Labor’s graph also showed individuals with no high school diploma have a 8.0% of unemployment. This document shows not graduating severely increases the chance of unemployment. Another statistic The United States Department of Labor stated was there is a $1130 difference in pay between an individual with a doctorate and someone who did not graduate high school. This document chows that earning a high degree will pay off in life afterwards. …show more content…

According to The Hamilton Project, Brookings Institute from 2012 recorded a that a chemical engineer earns an average of 2.25 million dollars in their lifetime compared to a music major who earned an average of 0.75 million dollars in their lifetime. The more schooling someone attends the more pay received throughout their lifetime. Brookings Institute also recorded that the average lifetime earnings of all majors was 1.25 million dollars. This document shows that attending to college to earn a major will pay for itself in the end. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2015 stated that there was an average of a 10% difference in growth between jobs requiring associate’s degrees and jobs only needing a highschool diploma. This 10% difference can cause a significant pay

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