Going Too Far Into The Unknown

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Shakuan Davis Susan Sibbach English IV 11 December, 2015 Going Too Far Into the Unknown The story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley displays a warning to mankind to not go too far into the unknown without caution. The tale of Victor Frankenstein’s life clearly depicts a tale of turmoil. Throughout the book it reflects on the result of an idea, desire, result of that desire and ultimately the consequence. The book easily correlates with the desire of mankind wanting to advance further in the unknown. As the practice of science grows it shall lead into more discoveries of the unknown and the information gained to evolve the practice should always remain utilized in moderation. Victor’s tale ends with the scientist losing everyone he loved due…show more content…
The cloned humans could even start a new species of human if taken far enough. In the past, curiosity and ideas has led to destruction when the individual’s idea presents itself as a bad idea, the person did not express caution, and did not stop before its too late to reverse the decisions the individual made. This exact example happened in Frankenstein, Victor became interested electricity after seeing a tree split in half by a lightning storm as a child, stating that he “never beheld something so utterly destroyed” (Shelley 26). Shelley expresses this event as foreshadowing, that his idea will later result in for his turmoil with the lighting strike that destroyed the tree an idea that will turn out as a bad one. The tree could have also have present itself as a metaphor to Victor’s family tree consequentially destroyed by the event of him creating the creature. Sadly Victor’s idea resulted in his whole life ruined. He initially thought it would come about as a good idea but like most ideas that present itself as “good” coincidentally that view as an opinion, or a perspective. Frankenstein as a young child would have never imagined his life spiraling out of control all because of an event that happened, emphasizing the book’s message of not advancing into the unknown without caution. The individual’s idea soon leads to desire; a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Many should know desire has
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