Going (to College) for Broke

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Going (to College) for Broke As soon as I started kindergarten, my dad opened a bank account in my name and started saving money for my college fund. Despite his efforts, our family still cannot afford the unreasonable price of a state university, which leaves me with a scholarship as my last hope. Because of the government’s higher education spending cuts, students like me must choose between going into debt to get a degree, or skipping college while robbing themselves and the nation of their potential. Although many politicians believe that students must pay for the costs of college, the federal government should fund public higher education because it will aid the students and the US economically, benefit American society, and provide…show more content…
Not only will free education save money in supporting an uneducated population, it could boost our economy. In other countries with free advanced education, such as the UK and Canada, graduates are considered an investment. They generally earn more, therefore giving more back in taxes and contributing more to the economy. If the US views education as a right, it will generate more money as more people will achieve financial success and more people will be fiscally independent. Furthermore, government funded education will change American society for the better. The current education system is classist, supporting the distinctions that money and education make in the hierarchy. The current education system is elitist, shying away from the idea of educating the public. This is one of the reasons businesspeople and some government officials oppose the idea of education as a right: “To the elite, education preserves their place in society” (Hines). If higher education becomes free to citizens, it will disassemble the social hierarchy. The same job opportunities will be offered to everyone. The country and its people will gain strength as a result. Free education will disrupt the cycle of poverty. This will lead to lower crime rates. It will lead to less people on social welfare. Also, more educated people will lead to more civic activity and volunteerism, resulting in better and even safer communities. Different perspectives and better informed

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