Going to College while in the Military Essay

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A college education is an essential step towards a successful military career. To some enlisted members, continuing or starting a college education may seem difficult to do. My decision to continue a college education was easy. Being stationed at an Air Base for a year has given me an opportunity to do so without being sidetracked by some of life’s daily responsibilities. Since it is an unaccompanied tour and I have no choice but to live in dorms, going to college is much easier then back in the states. Being stationed here has given me great opportunity to dedicate all my free time towards a college degree. After going to the Education Center I was very pleased. Right now the Air Force will pay one hundred percent of my college tuition …show more content…
One week might be day flying and the next night flying. What about exercises? Certainly exercises do not make conditions favorable to pursue a college degree.

Accelerated college courses similar to ones offered at the Air Base are difficult and time consuming. An eight-week course seems to have many time constraints. The amount of material covered is so much in so little time that it seems impossible to retain any information. Usually classes are three hours long on weekdays and six hours long on weekends. After working a twelve-hour shift, it is difficult to focus on a three or six hour lecture.

Attending college seems challenging, but in my opinion, if I can do it anyone can. Joining the Air Force right after high school taught me self-discipline and motivation. I believe that if I had gone straight to college the possibility of failing or not finishing would have been greater. Now that I am older and wiser, making the decision to obtain a college degree was very simple. Not only does a college degree open doors, it also offers obvious career benefits. These days promotions take more than having a clean military record and passing promotion tests or boards. Of course these are forerunners to gain rank in the Air Force; however, a college degree is essential, especially to career Airmen who desire to achieve the top two highest enlisted tiers, E-8 and E-9.

Now more than ever, success in the Air Force depends on the ability
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