Going to School to be a Phlebotomist

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Students who are wondering what is phlebotomy when researching professions need to know this is the action of drawing blood. This is a skill that involves inserting a needle and the recovery of blood. Many people need to know there is an extreme level of responsibility with this profession. Individuals who receive a certificate after completion of their training can then enter the medical world as a phlebotomist. This is a person who is in charge of drawing the blood of patients by using a method that includes venipuncture. This is a technique where a phlebotomist needs to locate the proper vein for drawing and recovering blood. A needle is inserted into the vein that has been chosen to draw blood for necessary testing. There are many ways that blood can be drawn from a patient. There are patients who may have special needs, such as the elderly and infants. These patients often have collapsible or delicate veins that often make drawing blood more difficult, than other patients. Individuals who learn what is phlebotomy will find these people work in all aspects of the medical field. They can be found in nursing homes, doctor's offices, hospitals, and various clinical-type settings. A phlebotomist will often be on hand nearly anywhere medical treatments are being performed. This is a profession that is necessary as treatments for any illness often require blood tests to determine how to proceed. The cell's or a person's blood are tested to determine the cause of an

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