Going to the Vietnam War Memorial with Mr. Vega Essay

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Near the intersection of Henry Bacon Drive and Constitution Avenue lies the letter V. This letter contains names that are inscribed with chalk. Each one representing a fallen or missing US soldier from the Vietnam war. It is not uncommon to see living veterans kneeling, head against the wall crying. Each one having a story to tell, some waiting for the opportunity while others will take it to the grave. I had decided to find a solider that will, which for me was my high-school principle. Mr. Vega is a living testimony for the statement “Looks can be deceiving.” A small man standing about five foot nine, most students tower him. However, this man has an aura of respect; he does not demand, but it is given unconditionally. Every action is …show more content…

As a scout of the squad, Mr. Vegas role was simply to find enemy positions and relay it back to the mortar team. Asking him about his impressions of the men he was with Mr. Vega grew silent. Afraid that I had touched a painful spot I attempted to take back the question. He refused and said “We were all brothers; most people misunderstand on why we fought. It was not about being a patriot, the adventure, the money; it was simply fighting together in order for us to go back home alive and not in a body bag. Going on further he stated real close bonds were formed. Shitty conditions such as rain and mud, humidity, as well as boredom, forced soldiers to be close to one another. Going on I had asked him if he was influenced by anybody to regret enlisting; Mr. Vega stated that it was the opposite. The commander of the unit had constantly reminded on why they were there. Each day the commander said that all the men in the war are fighting to stop the evil, which at that time was communism. Mr. Vega also said “In addition I was constantly told that it was my duty to fight for the defenseless, which after being told thousands of time, I started believing it. Most of the soldiers at looked up Audie Murphy. Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated servicemen ever during World War II. Many of the guys saw his picture with all his medals as well as hearing his heroic stories envisioned themselves as him. When

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