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1. How do GOJO’s market-facing BHAG and internal sustainability initiative complement each other to create sustainable value and further the achievement of both? Sustainability of GOJO really began with the routes of the company and it has been part of its legacy. If we take it back to its founders GOLBIE and JERRY LIPPMAN sustainability was built in to their industrial business. It was and still about putting people and the wellbeing first. Today GOJO is a global leader in the skin health and hand hygiene. Everyday people rely on these products to stay healthy and protective in environments such as governments, healthcare, education and at home. The GOJO purpose is saving lives and making better thorough well-being solutions which…show more content…
Stakeholder’s collaboration is particularly important by taking the partnership biased on making a nonprofit organization with the Matthew 25 Ministries which is a disaster and humanitarian relief organization that responds to the disasters around the world and taking care the poor around the world. GOJO got a high reword because they have such a high expectation of saving goods in industrial field and land firm. So, because of that high expectations and high commitments they save millions of lives every single year. That’s how GOJO reached to the key of education not only as a thing for education because it is one of the main reasons that kids and children go to schools because they are well. Also, they are partnered with united disability services (UDS) which is taking the path of turning the disability in to ability by putting them in productive jobs in some places that help them live for life. USD worked with GOJO on developing the disable labors by allowing USD to put their labor to the GOJO’s products to have a finished product performed with more than 75% by disabled labors. In collaboration with the American Red Cross GOJO has donated hand hygiene for disaster areas such as hurricane SANDY and 2011 earth quick in JAPPAN. For that effort GOJO has received the circle of humanitarian rewarded from the American Red Cross at 2012. GOJO has created sustainable value through its products; this includes the Green

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