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McDonalds has always been able to face the challenges that arise when trying to expand to foreign cultures. They have successfully expanded to over a hundred countries, including countries in East Asia. In the book “Golden Arches East” by James L. Watson, he studies different cities and how McDonalds has played a role in their cultures. Three places that he mentioned in his writing were Beijing, Seoul and Japan. They all share similarities in the way the culture was impacted positively and negatively, in society and politically. They have their differences in the way things were dealt with and how the public viewed the American company coming to their countries. In this paper, I will be talking about how McDonalds is involved in the…show more content…
Young couples often dine there “because the eating environment is considered romantic and comfortable” (Watson 50). They had blocked off sections to accommodate for the young couples that they called “the lovers’ corner” (Watson 51). They even brought the playfulness of the American McDonalds to Beijing which they called the “children’s paradise” where they could play and eat at the same time. They even had receptionist whose tasks were “to establish long-term friendships with children and other customers who frequent the restaurant” (Watson 61). McDonalds in Beijing is considered by most as a high fashioned placed that is fairly affordable especially because the people saw McDonalds as “a formal restaurant where they had paid for full service” (Watson 52).
In Seoul, the transformation was very similar to Beijing. They used McDonalds as leisure centers to gather with friends or business partners for meetings or just have a snack in between meals. Children would often ask for birthday parties to be thrown at McDonalds. “Moving birthday celebrations from the child’s home to a public place has also changed the form of the parties, and children now expect to celebrate with their friends rather than family members, a break from accepted tradition” (Watson 149). In Japan the cultural transformation is different in the sense that the table manners that McDonalds brought were completely opposite of etiquette they live by. The poor manners that McDonalds brought were

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