Gold Mining And The Amazon Jungle

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Part A
This article talks about the devastating problem Peru is having with its illegal Gold mining and the Amazon Jungle. It begins with talking about how the author has noticed the huge change in the city called Tambopata in the southern province called Madre de Dios (translated to Mother of God). Mr Boyd described how he realized how much the 13 year gap in his travels to Tombopata before even landing in the airport. The once green horizon was said to have spots of a “puss colored toxic holes”. He goes on to talk about the efforts the government has put into place to try and control the illegal mining. The author talks about the protest from the almost twenty thousand minors that stopped Tambopata in its tracks. Lastly Mr. Boyd speaks on who’s fault is it, if it’s the illegal minors trying to feed their families of the lucrative world demand for this gold that makes this illegal activity possible.
Peru being a decedent of two Peruvian parents, I know how far Peru has come in the past couple of years. In the past thirsty years or so it has come out of terrorism, corruption, dictatorship, and immense poverty outside of the major cities of Peru. Once Peru finally stabilized it started to take advantage of its natural resources, and the rise of gold prices. The population took notice of the money to be made with gold mining and it was only a matter of time before the illegal mining business formed.
The main Issues here is that the illegal minors have very little choice
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