Gold Mining in Australia

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When did gold mining begin in Australia? Gold has been rumoured that it was found in Australian as early as 1814, however, the first gold fields did not appear until thirty years later. Gold was found in Australia many decades before the Goldrush. The first discovery of gold was actually in New South Wales, in May 1851 by Edward Hargreaves. In fact, this was a tentative start to the Goldrush. Gold was commonly found only in New South Wales and Victoria in the days. How was gold mined? (Now and then) Well, long time ago it actually wasn’t mined, it was panned. You had to search and find the right river to find gold. Then you pick a spot along the river or stream with a slow current and a spot that has large rocks or a fallen tree along the water’s edge. Than you pick up your pan (metal in the day). Then dirt and gravel in scooped into the pan and then submerged into the water. The dirt and gravel will float, and because gold is heavier and denser it will say in the pan. This process uses the density of gold and the force of gravity to separate gold particles from other sedimentary deposits. Another common way in the day was sluicing. The water washes down fine gravel containing gold so that it can be directed into sluice boxes and recovered using gravity separation (where the heavy gold is trapped at the bottom and the lighter sands are washed away). The world has advanced and developed numerously. More sophisticated techniques have been developed for gold to be found
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