Gold Rush And The Silver Rush

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Gold rush Today I will be talking about the gold rush and I think it will be a lot of fun so I will just let you read about the gold rush It started when some men were working and they were digging.then they found gold it pretty much spread immediately. People came from everywhere to find gold. Then they started to make towns and people wanted the gold. They started to fight and it became kaos. After people moved in to the gold land people were charging 19 million to live there. But people did not like the cost to live there. So they went somewhere eventually they found gold. About 1 year later it was a ghost town(a ghost is a town is a town that had a lot of people but now they all leave). In Helena people found gold in 1864. People went nuts and wanted that gold. So they went to Helena and got all that gold and went a way. A few years later they found gold in grasshopper creek. In conclusion I think the gold rush is very important.Next week I will be talking about the battle of the little bighorn.So please try to read it. Goodbye!

The Oregon trail
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