Golda Edinburg Scholarship Essay

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I was ecstatic when I received my letter of admission to Boston University, however, due to the financial burden of attending the university, accepting the offer of admission is not feasible without a financial aid package. Though I have received financial aid, it is not enough to cover the entire cost of tuition. Furthermore, I am currently finishing an AmeriCorps year of service, where I serve as an educator and mentor to middle school students in New York City. The students I work with are primarily students of color from low-income backgrounds. As a part of my duties I provide small group tutorials and lessons in English and Math as well as helping my students set goals. I enjoy the work I have done as a part of my year of service, however it has impacted my ability to save for my education. I also have a significant amount debt that I accrued during undergrad, which leads to a greater financial burden and…show more content…
My experience as a Community Outreach and Advocacy intern at NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness) in particular inspired my desire to go into the field of mental health and provide mental health services to those who can afford it the least. This is because the unique thing about NAMI is that the majority of the individuals who volunteer and work there, have also been recipients of services. Through this experience as well as many other such as my year of service, I have learned strong communication skills and listening skills. I want to continue using the skills I learned during my time as an intern NAMI as well as learn new skills that will help me in the field of mental health and this scholarship will give me the opportunity to focus on my studies. This will also make me a more active member in Social Work department and better able to contribute my skills to the academic
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