Golden Brook Elementary School: A Short Story

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A twelve-year journey came to an end with a simple walk across the stage. This journey all began the day I arrived at Golden Brook Elementary School. The first day of school was one of the scariest of my life. My mom put me on the “big yellow bus” that morning and wish me good luck; even though my neighbor was on the bus with me it was no help. The bus soon rolled up to the school and we all got off. As we walked off the bus, the principal gave us all yellow tickets so we would remember what bus to get on. The ticket was Merrimack yellow and felt like a smooth pebble. The texture was calming and contrasted how I felt, it was a reminder that there were always people who would look out for me. Those were the simple days. Running around on the mulch covered playground. The feeling of the hot navy blue monkey bars on my hands; of course the monkey bars always led to scabbed knees. Fast-forward to 2015 and there was no more play.
High school is supposed to be the best years of your life; but it is
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Was I supposed to be happy or sad, or maybe both? I felt ecstatic that I had made it this far, however I was devastated that I would soon have to leave the comfort of the known. That warm, some may say oppressive, 90F days was the perfect time to take a walk across the stage. The sound of my name being called echoed across the field and I started my walk. Too many people stood between me and my diploma. One handshake and then another and finally I had it. The blue leather book was mine. It was so smooth and contained all of my hard work. The word “Windham High School” were embossed in golden yellow, almost the color of the yellow M&M’s. I had finally done it. The teachers lined the walkway, like proud parents. I could feel tears starting to well up, having to say “Thank You”; with a simple walk my joyous days became somber. I realized that no matter what mistakes I made or even how well I did I still made it to
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