Golden Drive Chicago: A Short Story

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On June 2nd 2017 I left for my new home, 5940 Golden Drive Chicago. That day I jumped in my parents car with my two siblings and he headed to our soon to be home for a long 5 hour drive. On our way we took many stops and many naps however once my family and I reached our destination I was in awe. I could not believe my eyes, our new house was so cute! It was white with a wrap around porch! When I walked in I already felt at home, it was decorated for fall with warm tones and smelt like pumpkin pie was just made. I immediately went upstairs looking for my bedroom, I just couldn't help myself. As soon as I found my room, many ideas for decorating came running through my head. I was so excited to move all of my furniture into my room making this…show more content…
It is crazy how I will be spending the rest of my life in a town I have never been before. As we drove through Chicago, I couldn't get over how many buildings there were and how crowded it was. This was my first time moving and even though I was very excited I would feel myself getting nervous. As of right now it feels like I am on vacation and this not my new home which makes me anxious. Everything is so new, large, and very loud. Every second I feel like someone is honking their horn with the frustration of traffic and every store is loudly playing a new song as we walk by. After exploring for a bit, we decided it was time to head home and start to unpack, which is when everything began to become chaotic. Our clean and empty house quickly became cluttered with boxes, furniture and miscellaneous things. After several hours of placing the boxes and furniture in their correct room I began to unpack my room and make it my own. My room was not very large however it had a cozy nook where I placed my desk. It did not take long for my room which was recently a blank canvas to slowly become my own piece of art. About a month later, my new home did not feel as new anymore, and I began to really like it in Chicago. I loved how I am walking distance from my favorite coffee shop, Sawada Coffee. Every Sunday I wake up, grab my backpack and walk there for my usual vanilla latte and work on my homework. Overall I have really grown to like Chicago, including the huge buildings, loud horns and even the city
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