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GOLDEN GOBLET SUMMARY Chapter 1: 1.) Ranofer dreams of his father Thuthra, a great goldsmith who had died. 2.) Ranofer had hoped to become his father’s pupil one day but instead he now had to live with his half- brother Gebu who starves and beats him. 3.) He is forced to work-k as a porter, to sweep out the goldsmith shop instead of working as an apprentice. 4.) Ranofer makes friends with Heqet a new apprentice. 5.) Ibni, a Babylonian porter has Ranofer delivering wine to Gebu and Ranofer becomes suspicious that the wine is hiding stolen gold when the head goldsmith Rekh discovers gold has been stolen from the shop. 6.) He can’t expose the crime or he might be sold into slavery. Chapter 2: 1.) Ranofer meets the Ancient an…show more content…
Chapter 7: 1.) Harvest time comes and many stonecutters must assist with the harvest, which leaves Gebu to oversee work in the shop nearly all day. 2.) Finally Ranofer returns to the Street of the Goldsmith. He resumes his friendship with Hequet. 3.) For lunch, Hequet shares his cheese in exchange foe lotus root. The old papyrus cutter joins then and brings nebumbo nuts. Chapter 8: 1.) At Hequet’s invitation, Ranofer accompanies him to the workshop of Zau who recognizes Ranofer from the days when the boy apprenticed under Thutra. 2.) Zau agrees to take the boy a pupil, but Ranofer has no money to support himself during training. 3.) Ranofer returns to Gebu who is obviously rich by devious methods. 4.) Ranofer and Heqet make a pact to spy on Gebu to discover the source of his wealth. Chapter 9: 1.) The next day at work, Ranofer is glad to be ignored except for being asked to retrieve some tomb plans b Gebu and Pai when the are fighting about it’s dimensions. The fight is ended when Gebu shouts that Gebu must narrow the sides of a coffin because it is too wide for the tomb’s passageway. 2.) On his way out, Gebu collects Ranofer’s wages for two days 3.) While returning the plans to the storeroom, Ranofer begins tying together many signs, such as the fact that Gebu has been attaining man new possessions lately that lead him to believe that Gebu is stealing

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