Golden Holes: A Narrative Fiction

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“Genesis,” My younger sister called out from the other side of the tall grass, its tired, golden blades growing high over her head. “Look what I found!” I jogged over in the direction of her voice, before stopping a few feet behind an ominous hole that was deeper than it was wide. She was only two years younger than me, but her curiosity hadn’t left her yet, as she sat in front of it, eyes wide. Her hands gripped the edge of the hole as she brought her head close to the opening, staring down into it. Before I could tell her to get back, a worm-shaped appendage shot out and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her deep into what could only be its home. Once I realized what had happened, I darted over to the pit, trying to locate her. I could hear…show more content…
Cerise claimed it was so we can leave and bring in more people after we board up. Dolores, with her mug once again in her hand, scolded the two before even Hyraa started to pound the nails through the plywood in front of the doors. When they finally finished, the sky had become almost a pitch black and the rain fell harder.
“Y’know, you really didn’t have to go to the trouble. You’ve lived here long enough to know this is normal for the storms here.” The old woman set her ‘coffee’ down before crossing her arms and walking to the backdoor, looking through the small window that met her eye level. As soon as she did, debris came crashing through the window and hit her in the forehead as she fell before staring in surprise.
The silent Hyraa walked over to her grandmother, helping her to the couch. Then suddenly, without a word or even a warning, Sage flung herself into the storm. However childish she may be, she was like Cerise – wanting to help whenever she could. I swung the door back open, not wanting another one of my family to be lost forever to the world. But when I looked outside, it was too late. She was gone, the rain and fog too thick to see her tiny frame, the trash that whipped across the sky just like the tendril that took Synia all those years
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