Golden Kite Silver Wind Essay

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“Golden Kite, Silver Wind” in a Daughter 's Perspective. In life there are omens that can give hints to what fate has decided, these omens can be bad or give good luck. Bad omens show hints of a terrible fate wherever they go. In the town of Kwan-Si, a wall was built into the shape of a pig, our towns wall was built in the shape of an orange. The town of Kwan-si had a wall built like a pig that would surely devour our town, all who visit our town would go to the town shaped like a pig for good luck instead of ours. My poor father, the mandarin had thought all he could to think of a solution for our wall. To no avail, my father came up with nothing so behind a silk screen I had offered my advice to my father. Behind the silk screen I…show more content…
As I give a heavy sigh my eyes turn to the window behind, outside I saw dashing colors fly through the dull blue sky. Then, I discovered what would save both of the towns. The repeated actions of rebuilding the walls have already stolen lives, the only way to stop this is coexistence. My health, along with everyone in both of the towns have considerably declined with numerous deaths due to the rebuilding of the walls. The two towns experienced utter chaos, rebuilding walls take hard labor, building funds, and a great amount of people. Omens are also essential to life, so how do I appease the people while ensuring the prosperity of the town through the wall? . Something had to be done quickly or the future of both towns would be doomed. In my weak voice I cried out a whisper behind my silkscreen,” In the name of the gods, send for Kwan-Si!”. Upon the last day of summer, I heard the steps of starving footmen carrying the sickly mandarin Kwan-Si, to the courtroom. I could hear faintly, the shallow breaths of the footmen, the mandarins breathing taking deep breaths. Even I, was barely able to manage my insignificant whispers. Behind the silkscreen I said to the men,”Let us put an end to this”. The old men had nodded, though I did not see them I heard no objection. “This cannot go on”, said in my small voice. I explained to the men what is happening, “Our people do nothing but rebuild our cities to a different shape every day, every hour. They have
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