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The California State Fish: the magnificent golden trout. It flawlessly glides through the water, its golden underbelly and blue-green back cloaking its body, making it one with the water. Appointed in 1947, the golden trout, or Oncorhynchus Mykiss Agua Bonita, are native to California, having populated only a handful of icy streams in the Sierra. However, this concoction of color is threatened, and every year, their population lessens. The golden trout’s skin is a gradient, ranging from deep blue to turquoise to gray on its top to shimmering gold on its bottom. The two colors blend on the middle of the fish's side, a flawless inter-melting of two vibrant hues. A bright red band streaks across its middle, blood red, and bright. Around 10 dark…show more content…
For this, two main culprits. The first culprits are the introduced species of trout in the golden trout’s habitats. A species of introduced trout: the brook trout, is causing a lack of food for the golden trout, as the two must compete for their shared prey. For the introduced brown trout, the golden trout is the prey. For the introduced rainbow trout, golden trout are potential mates. While this may seem tolerable at first, this might be the worst threat of all, because interbreeding causes for there to be a ton of hybrid babies, where there should have been golden trout babies. So, because of the introduced trout species, there more predators and less prey for the golden trout, and less of them being born every year. The second reason for their steady decline Anheuser-Busch, the sellers of Budweiser Beer. They bought a grazing permit, which let them have their cattle graze on the riverbanks. This caused riverbanks to lose vegetation, which caused a disastrous chain reaction for the golden trouts. The loss of vegetation caused for the riverbanks to have loose soil, which added sediment to the rivers, changing the width/depth ratio. In an attempt to save the species, state and federal agencies came together and initiated the Golden Trout Project. The Project hopes to restore the Golden Trout by documenting where golden Trouts live throughout the Sierra, removing introduced fish and predatory fish, restoring nearby vegetation that was thinned out by grazing, and educating the public about the species and the dangerous situation it has slipped into. If all goes well, and conservation efforts continue, this stunning fish may be able to rise from the ashes of human intervention like the vibrant, colorful, slimy phoenix it

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