Golden Valley Foods, Inc - a Case Study

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Jennifer Park Nicolas Marks MGMT 514 – Principals of Marketing 24 January 2016 Golden Valley Foods, Inc.: A case study Golden Valley Foods, Inc. is a 127-year-old company that prepares packages and sells canned and frozen foods which include fruits, vegetables, pickles and condiments. Golden Valley has more than 30 processing plants in operations and annual sales of approximately $650 million. Much of Golden Valley’s management staff comes from their parent company with the previous president saying “The influence of our old parent company is still with us. As long as new products look like they will increase the company’s sales volume, they are introduced. Traditionally, there has been little, if any attention paid to…show more content…
My recommendation would have several steps. First and foremost, I would recommend that the line-forcing policy be removed. This would allow for their products to be placed into smaller stores whereby more customers would be allowed to purchase the items they want. People are fickle creatures, if they cannot find the brand they want on the shelf they have no problem moving on to the competitor. Let’s put Golden Valley Food’s product on the shelf instead of leaving that market open to the competitor. Next, review the entire product line. What sells and what doesn’t? What is profitable and what isn’t? By looking at how each individual product is performing, an informed decision can be made on which products need to be eliminated. It is better to concentrate on producing a few items with exceptional quality than to have 65 mediocre items. Now that we have our very best products in more markets, let’s begin promoting them by on air commercials letting the public know that the products can be found in stores near them, not just major chains and in store promotions at the new locations that now carries the product. Perhaps offer sales in the beginning to introduce the product to consumers that have never had the ability to purchase it at their community stores. Pay for the best placement on the grocery store self, right at eye level. Once the first two steps are underway, I would recommend some

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