Essay on Goldmining Business Plan

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Gold-mining Business Plan: The purpose of this business plan is to raise $25,000,000 for the development of two private gold mining businesses while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. J.R Mining Company Limited is a Sheffield based newly registered company that will excavate gold from leased mines within the United States(Southern Placer Claim in Kern County, Southern California) and Mali (West Africa). The company is founded by John E Roberts. 1.1 Products and Services As stated above, the Company intends to acquire land leases on properties known to have gold deposits. The business will then develop gold mines on these properties with the intent to extract, smelt, and package the…show more content…
2.0 Company and Financing Summary 2.1 Registered Name and Corporate Structure J.R Mining Company Limited. The business is registered as a for profit corporation in the State of South Yorkshire, England. 2.2 Required Funds At this time, the Company requires $25,000,000 of equity funds. Below is a breakdown of how these funds: Projected Startup Costs: a) Initial Lease Payments and Deposits: $200,850.05 b) Working Capital: $1,935,601.10 c) FF&E: $200,850.05 d) Leasehold improvements: $100,818.78 e) Security Deposits: $20,704.70 f) Opening Supplies: $217,409.40 g) Company Vehicles and Lease Deposits: $434,818.80 h) Marketing Budgets: $217,409.40 i) Miscellaneous and Unforeseen Costs: $163,057.37 Total: $3,025,089.69 2.3 Investor Equity At this time, Mr. John Roberts is seeking to sell a 40% interest in the business in exchange for the capital sought in this business plan. The investor(s) will receive a seat on the board of directors and a regular stream of dividends starting in the first year of operations. 2.4 Management Equity After the requisite capital is raised, Mr. John Roberts will retain a 60%
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