Goldwind Case Study Essay

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by Nikhil Reddy, Mehmet Bogut, Rob Camley, Sam Choe, Ricardo Azcarraga


Goldwind is an established wind turbine manufacturer that is in the process of penetrating the US market Regulatory barriers Large number of competitors Cultural Differences Production Risk Proprietary Technology, Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) Financing Capabilities through line of credit by China Development Bank (CDB) and stable cash flows How can Goldwind most effectively establish a strong presence in U.S. wind industry

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Goldwind Issue Tree

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Excellent wind turbine technology(PMDD) which allows for lower maintenance costs and greater energy production. Within six months we aim to set our goals for acquisition targets and allocate appropriate funds for these transactions . After analyzing precedent transactions and current outlay in industry we feel overall risk profile is relatively low for longer-­‐‑term investments Due to poor debt management of many capital intensive wind farms during recession, this affords acquisitions opportunities that are prevalent across the industry in target segments Achieving synergy through economies of scale, stake claims in major U.S. energy markets, broaden customer base, enhance global brand

Economic Logic



Boosts brand image by creating jobs in the US while mutually benefiEing American developers. Competitive advantage with technology and financing offers an opportunity to differentiate Goldwind U.S.A. M&A opportunities to promote synergy, economies of scale and establishing Goldwind U.S.A'ʹs commitment to growing the wind energy industry in the U.S.



Action Plan

Action Step: Set acquisition targets and complete due diligence for wind farm
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