Golf Logix Case Analysis

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Group 3 THE GAME OF GOLF • • • Invented in Scotland in 15 th Century Brought to the United States in late 19 th Century Clubs used to hit small hard balls into a cup on each of the 18 different holes on the golf course The players use a club to drive the ball onto the fairway. Starting point on each hole is from tee box Players drive the ball with the use of a club onto the fairway, hit an approach shot onto the green, and putt the ball into the cup Holes: range in length from over 100 to 500 yards or more • Par 3, par 4 or par 5 • 18 holes par was 72 Along way hazards - ponds, sand traps, and high grass Swing: called “stroke”, counted towards the players total score Lowest score wins TYPES OF CLUBS Woods Club…show more content…
club to use to reach the distance provided Recording the beginning and ending of every shot and club used to make that shot by the xCaddie Information can be downloaded Information forwarded to Website to retain the records so that golfer can track progress over time •Provide the golfer with statistics that will improve the accuracy of the shots GPS TECHNOLOGY GPS originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense to help determine the position of military troops, ships, vehicles, and missiles Consisted of 24 satellites, the system could pinpoint a GPS receiver anywhere on the globe with an accuracy of several feet to several yards Location determined by “triangulation” which involved simultaneously measuring the distance and direction of the GPS receiver from four or more of the satellites GPS gradually became available to civilians free of charge in 1980 By 2000 estimated 1 million GPS receivers per year were being

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