"Golfe Juan" by Raoul Dufy Essay

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The selected work is "Golfe Juan," an oil-on-canvas painted by French artist Raoul Dufy in 1927. The painting measures 33" X 40" and is currently housed at the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum. In the painting, a single tree is rooted on a foreground terrace with a view of a seaside village that extends out onto a peninsula. Dufy utilized numerous formal elements to give "Golfe Juan" depth and interest. Lines are abundant in the painting, adding depth, texture, shape, and even for separating large geographical forms such as land and sea. In the foreground, lines are used to accentuate the features of the tree. The thin, pointed leaves of the tree are composed of thin, straight brushstrokes of near equal length. The bark of the tree…show more content…
An analogous color scheme is used as the light blue sky on the right transitions to the darker blue on the left and then down to the water surrounding the large peninsula. The uses of actual and visual texture manifest themselves throughout the painting. Actual texture can be found in the thick wooded area in the right of the painting where the top of the woodland canopy is painted in thick brushstrokes. It is also apparent in the sea, where thick, short brushstrokes give the illusion of movement and variations in height of the waves. Although rather elementary, visual texture can be found in the tree in the foreground, where thin, white and black lines give the appearance of volume to the bark of the tree. Dufy used several principles of design in his composition. First, "Golfe Juan" is asymmetrically balanced with the vertical form of the center tree acting as the axis of symmetry. In the background, a smoke stack on the left balances with the small peninsula in the sea on the right. Also, the land mass, buildings, and foliage of the large peninsula on the left balance with the right hand branches of the main tree, despite the fact that it is in the foreground. The focal point of this painting is the tree that lies central on the canvas. It is also the foremost feature in the picture with the town, sea, and intense foliage falling far behind

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