Goliath In 1 Samuel 17

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In 1 Samuel 17, a story of a young man defeating a giant is written. David, the young man, trusts God and defeats a human war machine. Towering at almost 11 feet tall, this giant was known as Goliath. In the beginning of the story, Goliath stood at a battlefield imposing the Israelites waiting for a challenger. The Israelites were frightened and no one would step up to fight the “unbeatable” warrior. This was until David, the youngest of eight boys, showed that he trusted in God and stepped up and challenged the huge behemoth. In addition, he not only challenges Goliath with just a slingshot and rocks he also wears no armor. At the peak of the suspsense before the battle, David shows thet he trusts God with all of his faith with his comment
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