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Gomez Olivia Professor Greg Aydt Govt 2301-032 March 22, 2017 Prisoner’s Rights Throughout time many prisoners have lost man rights not because they deserve to lose them but because they take their rights away without them knowing. Although being held in a prison they are still entitled to what the constitution has to offer for every individual in this country. Our rights and for those in jails or prisons, they hold prisoner rights as well. The authorities will treat most inmate’s unequal for the circumstances that led them there. American Civil Liberties Union also known as ACLU has been working for the rights of the prisoner’s that are in jail or prison to gain what belongs to them. Federal and State laws rule the formation and…show more content…
The rights of a prisoner to read, write, speak, practice their religion, and communicate with the outside world are often cut far outside what is necessary for established security. This also leads to prisoners to stop communicating with the outside world and family. Religious Freedom in prison cannot be taken away to any inmate as under Federal Law it states everyone can exercise his or her religion. Congress has passed two statutes that increase the protection of inmates’ First Amendment rights. These are the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. Both statutes provide that government officials cannot execute a considerable problem on inmates’ religious rights unless they show their rule serves a compelling government interest in the least preventive way. Inmates have enjoyed the success of religion dietary practice where an inmate has the right to diet in accordance to their religious beliefs. Also, prisoners can avoid foods that are not allowed to be eaten per such belief. So, for some inmates who practice different believes, the court has ordered that certain diets be made available to inmates. This way they are not forced what they are not allowed to eat in their countries. Freedom of speech is a right that prisons or jails cannot restrict. Although the ACLU receives multiple reports in accordance to

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