Gonad The Barbarian And The Venus Flytrap : Portraying The Female And Male Orgasm

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The essay “Gonad the Barbarian and the Venus Flytrap: Portraying the Female and Male Orgasm” by Anne McClintock, argues that the portrayal of male and female sexual pleasure varies between the two. Not only are they portrayed in different ways, but the way that they’re seen socially and historically is also different (McClintock). McClintock argues that the denial of orgasms for women is not because they lack the ability to, but because of views of gender. McClintock wants to expose the reader to the cultural phenomena of the denial of female sexual pleasure. I will be analyzing how McClintock argues the idea that women are denied sexual pleasure by giving historical background of female orgasms, and personal experiences. McClintock begins by telling her story of the first time she tries to find porn for women. McClintock walks into a magazine store looking for women’s porn magazine, but is left empty handed. McClintock sees many men leafing through magazines with “images of spread-eagled women” (111), but similar magazines for women aren’t found. McClintock doesn’t give up hope and asks the woman at the counter for help, and when the woman gives her a strange look she realizes that “the denial of female desire is…a global erasure” (111). This erasure of female desire is later furthered by a different experience she has in a sex emporium (McClintock). In this experience, the female dancer finishes her act, and approaches McClintock, the only woman in a room of males,
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