Gone Ape Analysis

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For my fourth art journal I viewed the painting called Gone Ape. This piece of worked was created by an artist names William Wilson. I viewed this piece of art work at the Kennedy Museum in Athens Ohio but the piece of art was created in Westlake, Ohio. William Wilson the artist if this piece created a picture of a cartoon monkey surrounded by many small ransom comic stripe type pictures. He created this work of art out of acrylic paint and it consist of limited colors. When I first look at this art work it leaves me confused. It left me with one message and that was what the artist was thinking about when he was creating this art. Just because it contains such random little pieces of art surrounding one large piece of art. It left me with multiple questions. Why was it comical, why did he surround it with multiple other pictures and why was their one large piece of art. Looking at the art…show more content…
Why did the artist surround the piece with many other little art works and then the other question that I asked is why did the artist make it comical? I slept on these questions and as I thought about it more I feel as though I came up with my own version. I thought about the question why did the artist surround the larger piece. I feel as though when you look at the piece of work the first thing you see is a simple cartoon monkey. The piece isn’t in depth until you look deeper into the art and you see the detailed little pictures behind the monkey. I feel that the artist did this for a reason so that you looked closer and deeper into his art. The next question that I thought about was why the artist made this piece comical. I feel that it was because when people view art the normally describe it as beautiful and detailed. With this piece you just are bale to look at it and smile. It is something that brings many of the audiences back to their childhood which many
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