Gone Baby Gone By Ben Affleck

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“Is this morally acceptable?” is a common question people face before making drastic decisions. Moral standards play a giant role in everyday life as well as the movie Gone Baby Gone. Gone Baby Gone is a movie directed by Ben Affleck which deals with many moral issues. Through the movie, we see that morals are violated left and right. For example, Patrick Kenzie would go to drastic measures to ensure Amanda got back safely to her mom. Another morality issue visible in Gone Baby Gone is the fact that Lionel knowingly sabotaged his family. A final morality issue in the movie was Patrick Kenzie, the main character, was involved in a lot of corrupt activities, which can be agreed on being morally wrong. The decisions he makes violate many moral standards, but he ensured that he would do anything to save Amanda. One of the first scenes of the movie that showed Patrick’s immoral side was when he was in the bar snooping for information on Helene, Amanda’s mother. He got himself into an argument with the bar owner and the bars customers. As things started getting heated, Patrick drew his gun and threatened each individual with it. Patrick has no hesitation as to when to draw and use his gun. In the film, he shot Corwin Earle in the head and killed him. Kenzie showed no mercy towards Corwin. Corwin did molest and kill a child, but was shooting him in the back of the head the morally correct thing to do? Corwin was not fighting back or threatening Kenzie, so Kenzie should have just…

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