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Gone Baby Gone directed by Ben Affleck is centered on the kidnapping of a four-year old girl named Amanda. This movie is based in Boston in the Dorchester area. Even though this movie is centered on a kidnapping, there are other crimes being committed. In this film there is abuse of justice, negligence, police corruption, child molestation, drug abuse, and murder. Each of the main characters in this film commits a crime. The main characters in this film are Patrick Kenzie; the private investigator, Jack Doyle; the leader of Crimes Against Children Taskforce, Remy Bressant; a police officer, Lionel McCready; Helene’s brother who is married to Bea McCready and hires Patrick, Helene McCready; Amanda’s mother who uses drugs and…show more content…
The crime theory associated with Kenzie is Deterrence Theory. He made good choices and bad choices out of freewill. But overall Patrick wanted to find Amanda and bring her back to Helene. Toward the end of the film his resolve to bring Amanda back to her mother is shown. He finds Amanda living with Doyle and Amanda is returned to her mother. But it cost him though; Angie gave him a choice. She would leave him if he decided to take Amanda away from Doyle and return her to her mother. Patrick choose the latter and his relationship with Angie ended. Lionel is Helene’s brother and Amanda’s uncle. In the beginning of the film Lionel and his wife Bea hired Patrick and Angie to find Amanda. At first Lionel acts like a concerned family member, but his involvement in the kidnapping of Amanda is found out in the later parts of the film. Lionel and Remy had conspired to stage a fake kidnapping in order to take Cheese’s drug money for themselves and to save Amanda from her mother's bad parenting. He was also going to split the ransom money along with Remy Bressant. The crime theory this associated with Lionel is Rational Choice theory. The central assumption involved in Rational Choice theory is “crime is a… reasonable alternative to other less palatable and possibly more costly outcomes”. He was motivated on providing Amanda with a better life away from her drunkard mother. In his eyes he was going to provide his niece with a

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