Gone Girl By Amy Dunne

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The film “Gone Girl” depicts the story of a man named Nick Dunne and the disappearance and possible murder of his publicly adored wife, Amy Dunne. The beginning of the film depicts this young couple to be passionate, vivacious and full of unconditional love, but as the story unfolds the truth behind Amy and Nick’s relationship becomes questioned under intense public scrutiny and a forensic investigation. Early on, Nick becomes the main suspect in his wife’s disappearance and apparent murder based on what seems to be overwhelming evidence indicating his guilt. Amy Dunne appears to be a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman. She exudes confidence, gracefulness and charm to the public, and portrays a sense of being calm, cool and collected with her husband upon the early stages of their relationship and marriage. Her beauty, clever wit and poised presence, paints the façade of an overtly desirable woman. However, in discovery of her husband’s affair and throughout the rest of the film, Amy’s true self and manipulative and devious nature emerges. In response to the infidelity, Amy meticulously stages her own disappearance and creates a devious scheme to frame Nick of her murder. She goes to extreme lengths to and displays psychopathic behaviors throughout the film to assure that her “lazy, lying, cheating, oblivious husband will go to prison” for her murder and be put on death row. Amy inflicts intense emotional, mental and physical pain on Nick, and sustained self-inflicted
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