Gone Girl By Gillian Anderson

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Gone Girl (written by Gillian Flynn) and The Girl on The Train (written by Paula Hawkins) are two mystery thriller novels and New York Times Best Sellers, both receiving ‘Goodreads choice Awards Best Mystery and Thriller’. Critics have addressed the newfound novel, The Girl on The Train as being a dub for Gone Girl, which was published three years prior to The Girl on The Train. The two of the books, have a story line basis to be classified as psychological suspense novels, typically containing the sense of crime or peril, centred on the main character’s unstable emotional states. The purpose of this lecture is to compare, contrast and evaluate the two texts, observing the effectiveness of the writers’ language choices throughout the books. Gillian Flynn is an American author, born in Kansas City on February 27th 1971. In 1994, Flynn graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree of English and Journalism. Two years after working for Trade Magazine in Los Angeles, she attended Medill School of Journalism, graduating in 1997 with a master’s degree. In 2006, she then wrote her first novel, Sharp Objects. In 2012 Gillian Flynn published her third, and best selling novel, Gone Girl. Not long after this book was published, large amounts of praise was received from various book critics, including Stephen King, who said: "Gillian Flynn is the real deal, a sharp, acerbic, and compelling storyteller with a knack for the macabre." In 2015, Stephan King also made a
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