Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell

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Clayton County is a county south of Atlanta 's Fulton County. MapQuest states Clayton is 30 minutes from Atlanta, but on a good day it’s really only about 10 minutes. Clayton County can be highlighted for many reasons. Margaret Mitchell’s 1936 novel Gone with the Wind was set here. The Gone with the Wind museum is situated on the railroad tracks that run through the city of Jonesboro, which is county’s seat. The museum is a small, damp, and cramped space. For artist such as Gucci Mane, Trap music origins can almost be pinpointed to the city of Riverdale. The music that has come out of Clayton County paints a picture that this place is a very dangerous and grimy place, raided with drug dealers, addicts, dirty syringes on every corner, etc. This is simply not true. Clayton County may not be the best place to live, but it contains lots of rich history. It is a place that makes you acquire an opinion; it creates individuals. Clayton County is the place that raised me into the person I am, establishing my way of thinking and many of my interest. It showed me that things I had and experienced in Clayton County were not the best the world has to offer. Jonesboro, the county seat, is the location where the Treaty of Indian Springs was signed. Jonesboro was also a town Sherman burned down on his March to the Sea. Even with these historical events having happened in this city, it 's not the most known. When you tell someone you are from Clayton County, the first thing that they
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