Gone but Not Forgotten

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Even Though He Is Gone He Is Not Forgotten To watch the life slowly slip away from your baby, to see the doctors and nurses try to do everything to save his life, even though he was able to be resuscitated still did not mean he would live to see another second, minute, day, week, or month. Little did my husband, children, or I know that on the morning of February 13, 1991 it would be the last time our son, their brother would be at home. None of us knew that on February 14,1991 at Elgeston Childrens Healthcare Hospital, God would his little angel my son Willis Xavius home to be with him. No parent when they bring when they bring a child into this world expects to have to bury their child, we as parents always think our children will…show more content…
he was gone. As the doctors came to tell us that he had passed away, I could see the hurt and tears in his eyes. To have the nurses hug and cry with us after my son passed let me know in my heart this is what I want to do with my life, to not only do a job, but to do something that would make a difference in someone else life. Losing my son made me know life is a gift treasure everyday of it and never take it or each other for granted. Always tell your family you love them because you never know when it maybe the last
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