Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

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One trait of Scarlett that is exemplified for the duration of the entire novel is determination. Regardless of how much the odds seem to be stacked against her, she maintains her resolve. When Scarlett first hears of Ashley and Melanie’s engagement, she is astounded and incredulous as she had intended to have him for herself. Determined to win him over, she formulates plans ranging from telling him point-blank that she loves him to hoping that Melanie dies. Despite the unlikelihood of her success, she persists in chasing him throughout the novel. Before their engagement was announced publicly, Scarlett corners Ashley privately and, against all of her mother’s teachings, bluntly and forwardly spills her heart with three words, “I love you.” When that conversation proved fruitless, she wastes no time and devises another plan on the same day. In order to make Ashley repent his actions, Scarlett decides to marry Charles Hamilton. Even though Ashley stayed true to his word and never exemplified anger towards Scarlett, she still refuses to take no for an answer. After the war, Scarlett tries to persuade Ashley to run away with her, only to have her offer rejected yet another time. In spite of these setbacks, she remains determined and unrelenting. Furthermore, Scarlett’s will to survive and the arduous efforts on her part support that she is a determined character. After the gruesome trek from Atlanta to Tara, Scarlett visits the Wilkes in hope to find some victuals and
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