Gonorrhea and African-Americans

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Description of Disease
Gonorrhea is an infection with the bacteriaum 'Nisseria gohorrhoea (GC) which causes gonorrheal infections "the second most commonly reported communicable disease" and which are "easily treated with appropriate antibiotics, but drug-resistant strains are on the rise." (Cook County Department of Health, nd)
II. Disease Transmission
Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that however, can be transmitted through sharing of sex toys and can also be transmitted "from mother to child during vaginal delivery." (Women's Health Zone, 2011) The work of Brooks (nd) states "People usually report symptoms 2-15 after exposure, although some people show no symptoms at all. Men are more likely to notice symptoms than are women. Males with asymptomatic urethritis are important reservoirs for transmission and are at increased risk for developing complications. If there are symptoms, both male and females usually have white/yellow discharge, dysuria, and irritation or…
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