Gonzalo Monologue

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No one in this house understands me including Gonzalo, his padre, and their Hermanos. Even if they could all hear me, it wouldn’t help. I am just an old man, I can’t do much to help around here and I am shocked that I haven’t been killed off like a runt in a big family of pigs. I am lucky that my Hermana, Camila, who is also Gonzalo’s Madre, is here to listen to me. She may be busy most of the time, but she is all I have. That is how it has always been. She loved me, and I used to just get along with her now here I am, and she is my only friend. Waking up in this household every morning takes one day off of my life. Not that most of this house’s residents see or care for that, even though it is happening to them as well. When I was…show more content…
When Camila returned from a long day away from home, she took Gonzalo to the other room to talk with him. Gonzalo and Camila yelled at each other in the language I don’t understand. I then realized, this was a sign that I had another chance. I burst through the door, and this time, I wouldn’t go back. I ran as fast as I could down Gibb Street. Then I saw a garden, a community garden. I tried to walk away but the garden enticed me, and I walked right into it. I saw many people, too many to count. One man carrying a pitcher of water, another tending to her lima beans, even an old woman with binoculars watching from across the street. The lot that held the garden was so lovely. There was even a man planting sweet peppers. But something felt wrong with his plants. He was doing it wrong, and I didn’t know how or why I knew he was. I ran over to him and tried to explain, but the words wouldn’t come out. “You do wrong! You do wrong!” I had yelled, everyone looked at me. I thought I had done wrong, what would happen to me, I was scared. I remembered coming to this country, we had passports, and all the documents, but they said something was wrong. I thought I was going to prison, I thought life was over for
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