Good And Bad Or Right And Wrong Behavior

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Moral is defined as, “concerned with or relating to human behavior, esp. the distinction between good and bad or right and wrong behavior.” (, n.d.) and standards is defined as the “code of honour, ethics, ideals, moral principles, morals, principles.” (http://diction, n.d.) So to sum it up Moral Standards is the code of conduct with one’s or business best behavior put forward. Unfortunately, concerning the rising issue of China putting lead into Children toy’s there seem to be no moral standards on this subject. Now this does mean that manufactures in China are just looking to make a quick buck and will do whatever it takes. Instead as pointed out by Scott D. McBride in the article, Something wicked this way comes: The United States government 's response to unsafe imported Chinese toys and subsidized Chinese exports., “There are numerous challenges facing the People’s Republic of China (China) in the coming months and years, not the least of them being the global recession facing every major industrial importer and exporter in China and the United States.” (McBride, 2009).
Lead poison is continuing to become a leading problem throughout out the world. For it is, “one of the most common and best-recognized childhood diseases of toxic environmental origin. Children around the world today are at risk of exposure to lead from multiple sources. Lead poisoning accounts for about 0.6% of the global burden of disease (WHO, 2009). While…
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