Good And Evil In Beowulf : Good Vs. Evil

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In the fictional epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf is a hero that can defeat any monsters and he saves towns from their wraths. Although the battles between Beowulf and the various monsters may seem clear cut as good versus evil, Beowulf has a mix of both humble and selfish intentions behind each battle. In each of the three battles in the book, Beowulf does something to create a more difficult battle for himself to appear stronger and better. Against Grendel, Beowulf restricted himself from using weapons because when he would win, he would look that much better. When Grendel’s mother fought Beowulf, he kept his men from helping him and fought the beast himself. Against the dragon in his final battle, he used weapons and the help of his men and quantified it because he was older than he was against Grendel. Beowulf set the bar too high and each battle after the first made him seem weaker and weaker. But in each battle, Beowulf challenges himself unnecessarily to appear as a better warrior.

Beowulf appeared to fight the monsters purely to protect the Danes and Geats from further attacks. However upon closer inspection, Beowulf saw the fights against the monsters as an opportunity to gain a larger repertoire for himself. Grendel, the evil monster, had been savagely attacking the people under Hrothgar’s rule in Denmark because they built their banquet hall, Heorot, on top of Grendel’s underground home. The sounds from Heorot during feasts would be very loud and excruciatingly

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