Good And Evil In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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The problem of evil and the conflict between good and evil have been the leading concerns in some of the twentieth-century British novelist. Evil is one of the Golding’s major concerns in the novels. He identifies the existence of good but he seems to believe that evil is a more powerful force and under certain conditions would dominate human life. Lord of the Flies express in Golding’s own words “the end of innocence the darkness of man’s heart” and “the fallen state of man” is the principal emotion which a reader get while reading this novel. The story is about the life of a group of British boys who find themselves marooned on an uninhabited island. The novel is an allegory intended to convey Golding’s view that evil is a powerful…show more content…
Jack on the other hand has been exploring the forest and the mountain side to find pigs. The difference in priorities is the main reason of their quarrel and Golding comment here: “Now the antagonism (between Ralph and Jack) was audible”. Due the quest of hunting pig they miss the chance of escape because her hunters allowed the fire go out. This incident leads to another quarrel between Ralph and Jack and when piggy supports Ralph Jack attacks piggy breaking one of the glasses of piggy’s spectacles. Jack is getting intolerant and violent. The quarrel is followed by a mock-hunt and the cry “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in”. The imagery of beast and snake like thing also show evil. These are more available due to the character of Jack and Roger. Jack offers head of pig to the beast which turned into Lord of the Flies who says that beast cannot be killed by boy because this is the part of boys. Simon has also said this before and it is confirmed. The Lord of the Flies is merely a visible personification of the evil with in human beings. The experience clearly brings out the allegorical significance of the novel and explains its
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