Good Artists Copy : Great Artists Steal

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“Good artists copy; great artists steal.” Picasso Master Picasso was famous for idea hunting in other artist studious while searching for inspirations and many of them had to hide their artwork because Picasso would copy the idea and make it look better. Steve Jobs, Igor Stravinsky, and Picasso they all did it. As we say there is no need to reinvent the wheel. For many years photography was not recognized as high art because there was no artist hand visible in the final image. It was mechanical so even women could do it, and the middle class could afford it as well. There was nothing prestigious about it simple click, click. However, many open-minded artists understood the power of that modern mechanical tool that captured light a camera. They were simply paying attention to what was happening around them; first blurry photographs of car wheel in motion, frozen movement of the horse, ghostly double exposures, camera saw the world differently than human eye. Picasso was one of the many artists who recognized the importance of the camera in 20th century and used it for his study of his subjects and to capture moments in his personal life. “For Picasso, photos were very important in the sense that he was modern—he was not having models in his studio. He would do things by memory or because he had books, newspaper, or photographs, as well as objects that he cherished,” Ruiz-Picasso says. Biographer, John Richardson, is a curator of the show “Picasso and & the Camera” in Gagosian
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