Good Communication Is Effective Communication

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Good communication is effective communication; it provides direction, a clear goal, and encourages the flow of ideas. Successful communication is achieved through a variety of methods, but most importantly, it begins with a foundation of security and trust within the team. Successful Communication
Over the past few weeks my group has been using our group discussion board as our primary method of communication. Since beginning our power point project we have been posting updates, questions and simple check ins to see how each member of the group is coming along with their portion of the PowerPoint assignment. Our key to success has been because of our communication; this is especially important because we are a virtual group. We touch base with each other regularly for multiple reasons, the first being the need to establish a relationship.
In contrast to teams who meet face-to-face on a regular basis, we cannot pick up on non-verbal clues that are expressed through body language, nor are we able to establish an emotional connection with one another; with that being said, we must maintain regular contact in order to build a rapport. Secondly, regular communication allowed us to report progress and drawbacks that may hinder our success. Moreover, scheduling regular periods of communication enforced accountability by instituting periodic milestones of progress.
In previous experiences I have had working in collaborative groups, in regard to the importance of communication,
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