Good Communication Is Essential For A Strong Relationship

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Communication Good communication is essential for a strong relationship to function. Cox and Demmitt referenced McCubbin and associates in regards to eight factors that showed good communication skills (p. 113). Foundation blocks must be met in order to achieve good communication (p. 116). There are five major skills needed for an effective communicating relationship which include identifying problem ownership, self-assertion, empathic listening, negotiating, and problem solving. Cox and Demmitt state, “Communication of support, affirmation, appreciation, caring, respect, and interest in other family members is the lifeblood of the successful family system (p.113).” The eight essential skills of good communication include the abilities to trust, confide, solve issues, show daily affection, and find new ways to fix problems. Being able to share emotions, converse, and spend time with friends, children, and parents are also vital abilities. You should also know what others you care about are going through (p. 113).
The three foundation blocks are commitment, growth orientation, and noncoercive atmosphere. Commitment means promising to be in a relationship with another person and being able to maintain that bond through hard work, communication, and dedication. Growth orientation means that you must be able to accept people as they grow and change attitudes and interests. As people mature, they often discover their needs change. Partners in a relationship need to be able to
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