Good Communication Skills

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Good talking skills. The art and process of creating and sharing of ideas is what is formed as communication. The richness of the ideas determines the information the information shared is effective. If we communicate well we get our tasks completed well in an organized and timely manner but if we don't communicate well the messages we send can be lost in translation, and in the process resulting to communicate well the messages we send can be lost breakdowns. The question therefore stands out it is what we should ask ourselves what it does take to communicate to another person .We will come to realize that we communicate a lot even when we don't use words .In face to face communication in this case words from our mouths just compliment the message Our body language and voice tone form the largest part of the messages .We send to other people this comprises the non verbal information people deliver from us even when we don't intend to send such particular, messages as perceived. The tone of our voice and non-verbal gestures communicate a great deal than the words we speak it so happens that people believe most likely our non verbal communication than our communication therefore for effective communication we must blend all the elements of person to person (face to face) communication. This include the volume used, the level and type of emotions and the emphasis we put in the words that we choose (Merrill E. Warkentin et al., 1997). Body language sends subconscious
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