Good Communication Within A Business Environment

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Abstract Communication is one of the most important skills that people utilize everyday. Mainly people use this to exchange ideas and develop interpersonal relationships. The specific reasons it is key to have good communication within a business environment is that it will assist in the success of a business as well as developing required professional relationships. Research has been conducted into six of the most key communication aspects that effect businesses in the previous sentences. These six are; communication channel, non-verbal communication, correct wording, cultural conflicts, personal perception and he quantity of communication. If these aspects are not considered for a reasonable amount of time before the commencement of a day they can have detrimental affects on the business, by business relationships being damaged, or never formed, and without these relationships it will be harder for a business to succeed. Before we can discuss why communication is vital we must define it, it is defined as “The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.” (Oxford, 2015) Communication is key based on this definition not only in business but also just in life. It is also a difficult object to get right, and needs to be planned thoroughly before continuing. (Dewatripont & Triole 2005, p. 1217) This supported by many other authors. The question has been posed, “Does communication always have a positive effect on a business?”
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