Good Cop Bad Cop : Racial Profiling

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At the beginnings of the twentieth century, is when the trend of “racial” profiling began, it is believed that this is deeply rooted back into the times of segregation and slavery. Criminal profiling was all based on the criminal activities and who was involved. Although, it is more commonly seen now, it began to grow evermore so following the tragic events of September eleventh. It evolved and transitioned into racially motivated arrests, detaining’s, and questionings both justifiable and unjustifiable. In the book, Good Cop Bad Cop: Racial profiling and Competing views of Justice in America, stated “In short order, however, as use of the term “racial profiling” became more frequent, the concept itself spread and became more diffuse and…show more content…
They did not think twice in correctly approaching the situation but instead shot the African American boy that resulted in the victims’ death. In the book, White Privilege and Black Rights it stated, “We believe that the ever-increasing tension between the police and the citizens of Cleveland played a significant role in Tamir Rice’s death. This shooting brings into question the adequacy of the selection, training and preparation of police officers. Police officers should be prepared to confront and address people of all races and cultures and use deadly force only as a last resort” (Zack, 2015). This is a reason on why racial profiling has become an issue, its cases like these and more that are bound to happen with police officers and society. It is not only with African Americans and Caucasians; but with all nationalities and cultures. Although, it seems like it occurs more often between just two races such as the ones stated above. What we do know is that media can play a huge role in these situations. The media, being the main point of contact between the news and the public, has turned police brutality into propaganda. Throughout my criminal justice career in my classes, it has been known that media can be a good thing but it can be an issue when it comes to situations like these. Media can twist and turn the truth around, one of the many reasons why police officers began to carry body cameras.
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