Good Country People By Flannery O ' Connor

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What makes a person good? Is it the way he or she looks, the way he or she thinks, his or her attitude, or his or her religion? For example, in “Good Country People”, People think that Manley is a good county wholesome young man because he is a bible salesman. In Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People,” Joy surprisingly becomes Manley’s victim due to her thinking that he is a good country person, her thinking she is smarter than everyone else, and due to him being very misleading. Mrs. Hopewell thinks her conception about “Good Country People” is correct however her and Joy’s conception about Manley is wrong. Mrs. Hopewell believes that a good country female is one who is a school teacher or even a chemical engineer. Mrs. Hopewell says, “You could not say, “My daughter is a philosopher” (O’Connor 3). Mrs. Hopewell is a Christian that lives is a parlor, but it has no bible. One day Manley walks in and tries to sell her a bible however she would not accept it in the parlor because of Joy. Joy does not believe in God, so in Mrs. Hopewell’s eyes Joy is not a good country person. However, Mrs. Hopewell cannot admit that Joy does not believe in God because she will be shone upon. However, Mrs. Hopewell thinks that Mrs. Freeman’s daughter, Glynese, is a good country person because she is an eighteen year old with a lot of admirers, but Glynese was in the car with her date having sex, and Mrs. Freeman thought he was massaging her neck. Mrs. Hopewell also thinks that
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