Good Country People By Flannery O ' Connor

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Who are you?
Independent, yup that’s me. According to the internet independent is being free from outside control; not depending on another 's authority. To me, being independent means being able to take care of yourself and taking responsibility for any decisions you make in life. Not only does it mean that, it also means that in certain obstacles you have to be strong for those who need you and kind to those who needs your guidance. Whether you know people or not you should always show kindness, never know who that person could be. Me and Mrs. Hopewell from the short story, “Good Country People” by, Flannery O’Connor, are two very independent, strong, and kind women. Most famous for her platitudes, or clichés, Mrs. Hopewell is Hulga 's mother. It took me a few times to read this book and really get the understanding about each one of the characters. My goal in this paper is to show you how me and Mrs. Hopewell are similar in most situations.
Mrs. Hopewell is a kind, strong and independent woman, who speaks almost exclusively in cheerful clichés. “Nothing is perfect” or “That is life” (1340) is one of Mrs. Hopewell’s favorite sayings. Just like me, she would make these statements inn a gentle insistence as if no one had help them but her. Statements like this I would use for my friends whenever their having a bad time. Without trying to sound rude but keeping it real at the same time, is how to humble people and yourself.

Now, you’re probably wondering what makes her a…
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