Good Country People By Flannery O ' Connor

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Good Country people. In “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor, he has many various characters. This specific short story is quite known for its irony within the story. The character’s name explain in vague terms there personality or even what they are not. Many of these characters can be seen in different ways but also be compared to one another. O’Connor gives significance in the characters names is contributed to what they do within the story. Let’s start with the main character in our story. Her birth name is Joy, however in the story she changes it to Hulga. Throughout the entire story Hulga is a very arduous character. She has nothing pleasant to say and believes that because she has a doctorate in psychology she is above all and everyone. O’Connor brings irony into this story just by using Joy as Hulga’s birth name. Hulga is anything but joyful. As soon as Joy left the house she changed her name to Hulga and which the mother believes she “thought until she hit upon the ugliest name in any language” (O ‘Connor 1634). Through the eyes of Hulga she believes her life is utterly terrible. Making it crystal clear that she would be gone if it wasn’t for her disabilities. These things making her stay home alone with the two other woman. This making Hulga not as understanding as to the people outside her own home and seeing them for just being “face to face with real innocence.” (1643) Hulga or Joy has not been shown the real world and has lived with the two other
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